About MEPO

In 1999, Medical, Education and Peace Organization (MEPO) was founded by Dr. Mostafa Vaziri in Nepal. For the next three years, he and his partner Allison Lide, and a varying cadre of international volunteers conducted health camps around Nepal, offering free medical checks and medicines. Mostafa also ran a free clinic in Kathmandu, while Allison, having finished her Peace Corps service in Nepal, taught at the local international school for 2 years.

As the civil war in Kathmandu accelerated and made health camps in outlying areas more and more untenable, Mostafa and Allison moved to Kabul (2002) and the work of MEPO shifted to Afghanistan. They ran health clinics there, and also founded the House of Flowers orphanage, based on a Montessori educational approach, while working on various international projects.

Now in 2015, the House of Flowers in Kabul is still running, serving dozens of children over the years with a highly unique program. But MEPO has always had a strong connection to Nepal, and Mostafa and Allison have returned regularly over the years. Now with this spring’s earthquakes in Nepal, they decided to come back for the summer and see how they could help. They reached out to friends and supporters, and raised over $6000 to take to Nepal to help people directly, renewing MEPO’s work in Nepal.

This blog is an account of the work that they are doing this summer in Nepal, telling about what they see, how people are doing, and how the donations are being used to help.

For more information, please email us at mepo.hope@gmail.com or check our website at http://www.mepoonline.org .


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